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#9 Reasons why I love Wales

We relocated to Wales last year, and I'm loving it here! And here's why:

We are within spitting distance of the beach, well several beaches. 

I love the Welsh language! I can't actually speak any Welsh, but the boys are in a Welsh school, which means that they are taught in Welsh (and are learning to speak Welsh) - I'm picking up the odd few words here and there, so who knows maybe one day I'll be fluent.

Everyone is so friendly here! It's really not taken us long to settle in as everyone is so nice.  There's definitely a real sense of community here too.

I love the Welsh cakes and Bara Brith - if you've not tried them you need to!  

The views! I don't tire of the views, and every day is different depending on the weather and the season - It's all rolling hills and I love it.

The castles - we've got several castles right on our doorstep, and the boys love exploring them.
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